Minimum Terms and Conditions

The Soulsters is a not-for-profit association under French law. The musicians and crew are a mixture of volunteers and professionals.

As such, we do our best to accommodate our customers. However, there are some things we must insist on!

  • a fee starting at 600€ (normally between 1000€ and 2500€, payment by instalments possible) depending on a multitude of variables. We will provide a written quote once we’ve spoken to you at length and in depth about your event.
  • if outside, a stage or floored performance area larger than 25m2, with a roof to protect us and our gear from the elements
  • if inside, a stage of the same size, or an area of floor space (for smaller gatherings)
  • electricity supply of a minimum of 5kVA
  • a meal and drink for the team of 12 people

Please contact Piers on +33 689 222702 or +33 749 622788, email or use our contact form.