The Soulsters
11 talents united for over 10 years
by a « Rythm & Soul » repertoire

Les Soulsters

The group

Between Heritage and Innovation, a Fusion of Talents and Experiences.

The Soulsters, a formation of 11 musicians born in the Basque Country, embody the energetic spirit of « Rythm & Soul » music. Since its creation in 2012, the group has evolved, integrating new talents and renewing itself in 2017 with the arrival of singers and musicians from all backgrounds. This diversity of ages and experiences gives our group a unique dynamic, an authentic source of our common passion for Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Neo-Soul, and Funk.

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Our next concerts

  • 18th Jul 2024
    Forum, Seignosse
    Concert Public
  • 23rd Jul 2024
    Concert Public
  • 9th Aug 2024
    Concert Public
  • 17th Aug 2024
  • 22nd Aug 2024
    Concert Public
  • 20th Sep 2024
    Concert Public
  • 28th Sep 2024
    Concert Public
  • 13th Sep 2025
Les Soulsters

50 Classic Hits from the 50s, 60s, and 70s Live.

Our repertoire, rich with over 100 songs, drawn from the best of « Rythm and Soul » style, ensures the approval of an audience of all ages. With a setlist that allows us to play up to three hours of live music on stage, we are committed to providing a unique musical experience tailored to your preferences and the ambiance of your event. From timeless classics by iconic artists such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, and James Brown to more recent hits by Amy Winehouse, Earth Wind and Fire, and Bruno Mars, our repertoire promises a rhythmic performance, blending emotion and energy. 

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Musicians at the Heart of Groove.

Each member of The Soulsters brings their own creative touch to our musical formation. Driven by a passion for the Golden Age of Soul music, we strive to deliver quality performances, combining technique and artistic commitment. Whether through the expressive voices of our singers or the solos of our musicians, we conceive our performances as Shows. The music of The Soulsters is meant to be listened to, watched, but also an irresistible invitation to dance.

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Les Soulsters

Group members

  • Angy Angy


  • Marine Marine


  • Pascal Pascal


  • Piers Piers

    Keyboards - Arrangements

  • Kri Kri

    Tenor & Baryton Saxophones

  • Damien Damien


  • Denis Denis

    Alto & Tenor Saxophones

  • Stéphane Stéphane


  • Bixente Bixente


  • Jean-Marie Jean-Marie


  • Jérémy Jérémy



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